Video Alert: Stream Listing


[empty boxes at the Liceu, February 2020]

Many shows and concerts are canceled, opera houses are quarantined, artists lose income and opportunities. And many of us, who have ticekts for shows, perhaps all over the world, cannot travel, find empty boxes (see above) or are confined indoors due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Here’s some streams to watch meanwhile! (not comprehensive, but updated whenever I see something new. Feel free to add events in the comments!)

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In the aftermath of the 2016 U.S. election fiasco, we coined a few hasthags, and Fierce came up with #MezzosForTheRevolution.

I think we got a new one: #MezzosForTheApocalypse.

Between Jamie Barton and Kathleen Kelly starting a “Strong badass women and 90s angst” song cycle (which they should take on tour once this is over), Angela Brower and Tara Erraught doing mezzo duets on Twitter/IG that always make me catch something in my eye right when I watch it, and Joyce DiDonato starting nightly ‘how do I breathe through this?’ YT-gatherings on her channel like the true nurting leader she is, it seems it will be the mezzos who take care of our emotional survival.


White Shirt Monday: Underworld

[Clubs and cargo pants. Yep, that about covers the mood. – FINALLY the moment has come to post this screencap into the Coronascape! – Simona Šaturová (Cinna) and Anna Bonitatibus (Cecilio) in Tobias Kratzer’s staging of Mozart’s underrated “Lucio Silla”, Brussels/La Monnaie 2017]

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