Mezzo Tuesday

Stepping from the plane in the Mezzo Mekka of the North for some conferencing, and the first thing I see is this (sadly, not the topic of my conference).

A+ tourist marketing  – go Sverige!

And on the subject of Ernman: what a pleasure to log into FB in the wake of the Orlando massacre and find that once more, the mezzo champions of  straight allying -Ernman and DiDonato – both have taken the time to issue messages of support.

Perhaps it’s just a blip of two lines soon lost in cyberspace, but this week, these moments of recognition and acknowledgement resonate more deeply than in other months of June.

7 thoughts on “Mezzo Tuesday”

    1. Bless your heart, thank you so much!
      (I added two dots to your lines, to make it less searchable and hopefully keep it online 😉 – I’m currently in Sweden and will only be able to enjoy it on Friday night, the hotel wifi here is kind of spotty… But I am already SO looking forward to it! Thanks again!)


    2. oh thank you! and since i’m not in sweden now (though i should! just because i’ve never been! 🙂 ), it’s currently being downloaded… Thanks again!


    3. PS. I managed to access it, thanks to you, and am so happy that I get to enjoy this performance after all (there were no cinema showings here). Thanks again (and let me know if you ever travel through here, I do owe you a coffee for this).


    1. Indeed!! (Took a photo from my window last night at midnight. No mezzos in sight, but still incredible)



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