[Marie-Nicole Lemieux, conducted by Jean-Christophe Spinosi,”Nel profondo cieco mondo” from Vivaldi’s “Orlando furioso”, 2007; clip with thanks to peristico70]

Vincerà l’amor più forte
con l’aita del valor.

Narratives are important, even though it is too soon to speak of healing. And I don’t want to leave the power of perspective to those who wield guns. But I cannot write narratives of victory and superation.

We are less today. We are fewer. And all those who remain standing cannot bring back those who will not dance among us any longer. I do not want to put any of them in a frame of lives lost on the path to an ultimate goal: none of them signed up for that (and by what right am I the one who is still walking, and why are they the ones who are gone?)

People have been torn from their lives. Queer people, attacked for being queer.

We cannot fill their spaces, nor should we. We should keep their spaces reserved, and their names on our lips.

We cannot dance for them: they should still be dancing, and they are not. And nothing can make that be okay, and we bear witness to that.

Perhaps love will not win out ‘in the end’. But the only answer is to still keep loving. Perhaps that is the only victory there is in the face of inhumanity: to remain human.

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