White Shirt Monday: Rofrano


[You didn’t think I’d let this one slide, did you now. Welcome to the Roller Costa, and by that I mean Roller as in Alfred and Costa as in Mercedes de A. Into the Octavian Pant(s)heon:  Daniela Sindram (Octavian), in Strauss’ “Rosenkavalier”.  – Photo Credit: Michael Pöhn for Wiener Staatsoper.]

Coordinate your outfit with the breakfast chocolate: 10/10. Added bonus: Boots.

Though no matter the outfit, or the age of the production – if you have the chance to hear this Octavian live anywhere within the next few years: Do so. (if she keeps touring with it, chances are it will eventually be somewhere in your closer vicinity) Next chances: Staatsoper Munich in July, although I am guessing you might have to murder someone in possession of a ticket to get in.

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