l’augelletto, il ruscelletto…: joining the Twittersphere



Yes, I caved in at long last.

As an extension to the operatic side of Eye Bags, I am now also present on Twitter under @qlrgntte. (is ‘under’ even the right preposition? I am probably still getting this all wrong)

That handle is easily to decode as “queer lorgnette” among the regulars of this site, yet perhaps not to everyone at large. That’s fine.

Why Twitter, why now? – To blame is, in truth, that elusive “Meet in Galilee” concert performance of Alcina last Sunday. There is not much on it on the festival page itself, or its FB page. Some more  can be gleaned through the channel of the graphic/video artist of the event, Naomie Kremer, while there is no mention even on the twitter account of Les Talens Lyriques or any of the involved singers –  I got tuned onto this due to Iervolino being cast as Bradamante, and then Beaumont as Ruggiero… Piau got switched in in early Sept. as Alcina for Gauvin. A few visual impressions are available via Angela Calvini (thx!) on Twitter:



In short: information before and after the fact was night impossible to come by and as I awkwardly combed through Twitter mentions of the event and its participants, I realized this would be much easier if I joined up for the service. So here (or rather: here, and now also there) I am.

This Twitter will be focussing solely on the ‘queer opera love’ part of Eye Bags, simply because Eye Bags is catering to different crowds I feel I cannot unify there. (that’s also why I chose to use ‘Anik LC’ – using no name felt odd, but the full name belongs foremost to my fiction writing and no matter which search engine you ask, the results will always be “lesbians in love!” (which is lovely, as results go))

Eye Bags itself is already an, at times difficult to handle, blend of overall opera and lesbian fiction (which started my online presence in the first place) and the occasional recipe – I have readers that come for the music critique and sneer at the fiction, or the queerness, or both. There are the true first readers of the early 2000s who forlornly wade through dozens of opera posts in search of my stories and yet are the only ones who get the Xena jokes. And then there are the visitors that really only came via a search engine to get a recipe and find that this is the strangest foodblog they have ever seen.

(If I get the hang of this Twitter thing, I may add an account for the fiction. Or one for academia.)

I cannot predict yet how @qlrgntte will turn out. I intend to follow bands and performers for easier updates (also for my blog writing), and to do my little part in amplifying the work of those I want to see promoted. I may say a thing or two now and then.
There will likely be some overlap between blog and Twitter –  possibly sharing White Shirt Monday shots or other caps on both platforms, or tweeting some post links there/posting tweets here. Unless it will all turn out to be too much and I delete everything again. But until then, feel free to point me towards your own (queer) opera accounts or to houses, orchestras, artists and events of our shared interest.




When trying to settle on a sufficiently witty opera quote to frame this Twitter announcement (luckily, there is a slew of opera arias talking about ‘augelletti’: little birds), I stumbled across Vivaldi’s “Ercole sul Termodonte” in my library again, and across its very first duet, which takes place between two Amazons (mother and daughter, so we will have to get our ears out of the gutter):

Sereno il cielo,
d’ogni stelo
l’erba indora,
e già con Flora.
Zefiro amante scherzando va:
già dalle fronde,
già dall’onde,
il ruscelletto
di nobil preda speme a noi dà.

It’s barely half a minute (starting at about 7:10 in the file above), but it’s about a happy spring day with a mild breeze, and from the bramble and from the waves, the little bird and the rushing stream do give us hope of noble prey.

It may have been 1723, but Vivaldi clearly had a foreshadowing understanding of Twitter.

The search for the duet on YT also brought be back to the promoting feature around the 2013 release of the Fabio Biondi recording. Amazons! Triple mezzo score! (Basso, Genaux, DiDonato) Historically informed Baroque!


38 thoughts on “l’augelletto, il ruscelletto…: joining the Twittersphere”

    1. Saaaaam! Que gusto! I didn’t know you were on Twitter!

      (this one’s really going to be opera, but you are already a good argument in favor of opening a fiction one)


      1. I am on Twitter, just to be “in touch with” the last word on everything [unluckily, over these “pampas” too many paid-trolls and too many insulting twitts] . Mine is not “thematic” yet, just a “trial” on everything, mainly Granada LOL!!! Let’s see if I get my “inspiration” back and can deal with a fiction one!!!! Luck on your twitter trip Anik!!!! I’ll be reading you!!!!


        1. trolls and insults? I hope not!
          Your next story will come, I just know it, and then we can connect in fictioneet land. 😉


    1. Statira! Probably the best contralto ratio night of my life, to be honest.

      The jury is still very much out on the actual managing of this particular ‘augelletto’ (why doesn’t Le Concert d’Astrée have an account? …am I too stupid to find it?).

      In either case: more Mingardo is always the right choice.

      > WordPress.com >

      Liked by 1 person

    1. thank you – am trying to figure out this RT thing at the moment to reply properly… egads, my age and new technologies.


    1. My main focus will continue to be here (Twitter is mainly for easier influx of news for myself) and if there is anything important solely on twitter, I will simply post the tweet here, too, as a blog post. So no worries.
      (isn’t that feature fabulous? If I didn’t already own this, I would go out and buy it right now).


          1. You two… Perhaps I should introduce some White Shirt guessing games on here? But if they’re as painfully obvious as this one, there wouldn’t be much guessing to do.



            1. sorry, i didn’t mean to broadcast it
              (but i think besides Agathe and I, nobody will know except for a certain soprano, and a certain couple of conductors.. 😉 )


            2. and to casually mention that the photo prompted me to listen to the entire playlist of Mitridate.. and now onto the entire performance (the one i merged with audio from radio broadcast), now blown up on my full 2nd screen.. Sifare has just finished “Parto”.. i’d take this fuzziness over all that extra cuts.. (right.. that shirt aria.. wow the arm 😉 ) , she’s really that good in acting! but of course i’m listening for the entire experience, not just that fine fine shirt collar etc…


            3. the one with the audio from the radio broadcast is the best.
              (I really need a second screen for my office)


            4. just now made it to Sifare giving Aspasia the hand while unsteadily launching into “Se il rigor d’ingrata sorte”.. and Aspasia in green velvet with those looks…
              (when i’m there we’ll exchange this file for the hard-drive, the merge, for stash for next year reunion)
              (oy, speaking of green.. that new post is now distracting me…)


            5. green, green, green… 🙂

              yes, we will make this a drop-off and dealing point (I return to the radio broadcast a lot) and whoever comes by can request admission and prepare properly for next year. 😉


            6. Would be fun but very difficult to beat thadieu in this…. She even spotted Ann Hallenberg just sitting there for some seconds in the end of a short clip of Mozarts C minor mass.


            7. Yep, sounds like thadieu to me – researchers from disciplines with an eye for minute detail…



    1. Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll try to find a workaround way since I cannot put a link directly in the top menu. And of course there’s a widget tie in twitter, plus feed, but that only work in the sidebar with this team and I was so happy I had nixed the sidebar. There is, accordinging to wordpress.com, a way to put a follow/account button in a post or page, but I tried that so far on both Mac and Windows and if did not work. I will figure something out.



      1. okay, I now tried to integrate Twitter:
        1) In the footer area on every post and page, there is now a small twitter section with a look at my latest Tweet and an access link to my Twitter page.
        2) In addition, I added a new link in the top menu (called “Twitter”) that opens a page where you can find a follow button (for fellow twitter people) and a scrollable twitter timeline of my tweets, so that you can basically read everything I post there right here on the blog (you can also interact right here to ‘like’, and to share on various platforms). I found that the most convenient solution. Alternatively, I could put a link to my Twitter page directly in the menu instead of that page, but for people who have to need or use for Twitter and just want to see what I say over there, I find this solution better. Just let me know what works for you!


        1. thanks 🙂
          (since i was up there at the top panel checking out the other various links.. perhaps (i know i know, i’m asking all the time) also a link to the various live-blogging events? then we even have a chance to check all the way back to the Liège WS event..)


  1. wau, i finally get around to click play on this clip, this is the Vivica Genaux’s voice i know! and i need to get my hand on this cd! (the starting music i recognized from her vivaldi cd..)
    OHHHHH, and the aria!! i’ve heard this many times, SM sang in a live performance! allow me to link, i think it’s the same music but totally different context / words? now i recall, this is the one w/ SM in tanktop!


    1. ps- oh, i don’t need to find, it’s the entire thing! yay, music for tonight working.. now it’s bed time, argh, well at least the night was well spent w Mitridate (though not birds)


    2. Since Biondi did another reconstruction with this Ercole, he used material from other VIvaldi operas, too, so that’s perhaps why it is familiar, but out of context.

      But that clip! See, yet more Armida! Fate is trying to tell us something. 😉


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