Embedding Twitter


By reader suggestion, I have tried to tie my Queer Lorgnette Twitter feed into the blog and make that profile more accessible.

1) In the footer area on every post and page, there is now a small twitter section (called Quel augellin che canta. Of course) with a look at my latest Tweet and an access link to my Twitter page.
2) In addition, I added a new entry in the top menu (called ‘Twitter’). If you click that link, it opens a page where you can find a follow button (for fellow Twitter people) and a scrollable twitter timeline of my tweets, so that you can basically read everything I post over there right here on the blog without ever having to leave (you can also interact right from here with ‘likes’, and with the possibility to share content on various platforms).

I found this the most convenient solution, but will adjust it if you don’t find it practical. Just let me know if something doesn’t work for you or if it feels too cluttered and access-unfriendly.

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