My Week In One Photo


Is it time to start being duly and unduly excited about this particular Staatsoper week?

You bet it is.

Of course, it being Baroque at the Ring, note that there will be an introduction given to anything written before 1786. That’ll be a half hour during which no doubt Dr. T. and I will compare notes on every single of her 2010 season “Alcina” visits, which will serve as our personal introduction.

There are still some gruesome meetings to shoulder between here and Thursday night, but the perspective of Thursday night is pretty much making up for everything right now. Handel ahead!

6 thoughts on “My Week In One Photo”

  1. Hm, my skin colour may have taken on a slightly greenish touch. Are you hearing Röschmann as well? (and put up with that staging for it? but I judge only by the pictures, it could be psychologically deeply interesting of course).


    1. No Röschmann plans so far – we don’t want to risk you being cast in “Wicked”! (And if I am out 4 nights in a row, my little Valkyries will protest)



  2. Have a fabulous time! And yes. If I can already be beside myself over Rosenkavalier in APRIL, you most certainly may be dulyunduly excited for your week!


  3. Ever since we left the garden,
    Light has called us to our task.
    Dawn’s a summons, dusk’s a pardon;
    Darkness gives you all you ask:

    Music, magic, story tragic,
    Love and laughter, drama, dance,
    Soaring singing, voices ringing,
    Sacred rapture of romance.

    Joy abounding, joy unmeasured,
    All that can delight and please –
    Day’s for labor, night’s for pleasure,
    Every blessed soul agrees.

    No need to wish you good times. And we too are full of anticipation, to read all about them.

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