9 thoughts on “Ariodante 6”

    1. wait till you get the report of dehggi from the 1st box ont eh balcony level, hanging across the railing about 10ft above the cast.

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      1. (oh that sounds like the time i was majorly leaning out from royal box to get view of VK just below me.. (i could touch her hair…) so much that a dedicated VK fan from the *other* side of the hall drew conclusion i must be the WS reporter (aka VK devout worshiper) in the haus..

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        1. One farawaa day, a white, entitled, male musicologist will write his thesis on the CT upswing and will ahve address a chapter to the obscure, barbarian times of *before*, where ciscasting was not necessary, and strange queer-female networks sat in the boxes and wrote about it, and he will have to analyze our conversations and will blow a gasket or five. 😉

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          1. It’s important to lay groundwork, because for every white, entitled, male musicologist there will be a comp-lit grad student working some later form of gender/sexuality/class/culture/technology/intertextuality/reception theory vein who will discover all this one day in some lower stratum of the ancient internet.

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