From Anik’s Kitchen: Simple Summer Pleasures

The sage leaves are huge this year: time for fried sage on buttered fresh bread as a snack. Use little olive oil, it doesn’t take more than a minute to fry sage. Just make sure leaes are laid out flat and don’t overlap.


Another classic: herb butter. All you need is cold (!) butter (ration depicted here: about 80g) and a blender – and whatever your windowsill or garden has to offer in herbs.

The Austrian version counts with 4 twigs of chives, about the same about of parsley, a twig of thyme, two sage leaves and perhaps a basil leaf or a bit of marjoram.  Add some lemon peel and salt, blend well, done. Holds well in the fridge, too.

“Mediterranean” has sage (5-6 large leaves), a small twig of rosemary, 4 twigs thyme, half a clove of garlic, lemon peel and salt.

The variations are endless, and as with many things, they do great in the company o butter.


…vanilla ice-cream, homemade. (the scone, too). Yum!

5 thoughts on “From Anik’s Kitchen: Simple Summer Pleasures”

    1. Hm… Flip once, allow to drain for a moment on kitchen paper. Goes well on top of many Italianate pasta dishes, but my personal favorite is on top of bread slices with sundried tomato cream cheese.



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