Upcoming Liveblog: Handel’s “Serse” (Dresden 2000) on Sunday


[#KlingonOpera (it is  the high foreheads, I swear) –  Paula Rasmussen (Serse) and Ann Hallenberg (Arsamene) in Handel’s “Serse”, Dresden 2000]

By urgent petition, it is time for a double-mezzo double-trouser bill with Handel’s “Serse”, this Sunday, Sept. 17th, at 9 p.m. (UTC+2).

The production, starring also Sandrina Piau and Patricia Bardon, in case you weren’t sold already on this plan, is available on YT and is easy to find there. If you wish to blog along, yet encounter issues with video availability, just contact us in the comments.

See you in that tree shade on Sunday!

25 thoughts on “Upcoming Liveblog: Handel’s “Serse” (Dresden 2000) on Sunday”

    1. Too bad! But at least we picked something you just saw – feel free to add to the discussion afterwards, since you’ve got it fresh in mind.

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            1. Brigitte kindly provided us with a copy, Dr. T had it up on DB, but don’t know if she since cleared the space?


            2. no, you wouldn’t, it just went around a few days before the liveblog and you were vacationing. We’ll see if she still has it. it was a travel-size version since the original is 3+ GB (which wouldn’t fit in my DB.

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            1. Thank you! I listened to this after we liveblogged and I think I like her in French late 18th/19th even better than in Handel. Not that I would mind her singing more Handel, but she gets more chance to show off the sheer richness of her instrument when there are longer arcs, and more post-classic orchestral painting.


      1. I swear, when we saw her in the live show, about the first thing I said to Agathe in the intermission was, “this would so click with thadieu, this is her style”

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