Mezzo Party: Trouser Roles For Everyone

[That is actually what is says: Trousers Roles For Everyone. Diversity First! It’s a poster for a fictional party called “The Mezzos”, and it features Karolina Gumos of Komische Oper Berlin. – You have my vote, MEZ! ❤ – Photo Credit: Komische Oper Berlin/Facebook Page]

A bit more of a background story: the Barry Kosky-led Komische Oper is arguably (and unarguably) the queerest house around at the moment. And the most unabashedly queer, too. It has never shied away from taking a political stance and continues to do so these days, with German national elections (with some ignorant people championing a far right party that abuses their rights along with everyone else’s, now where have I heard that one before… ) coming up this Sunday.
The parody posters promoting diversity are aimed at mobilizing voters (there is one with a tenor and one with a bass, too) – let’s hope it works. I don’t care WHAT people vote (unless it’s the ultra-right), as long as they DO vote. Vote a parody party if you have to, but don’t sit around at home on fake lofty morals bemoaning how everyone is corrupt (many people are. That’s not the point). Be a responsible adult and make a rationally mandated decision, which will most likely be a compromise. Otherwise, run for office yourself.

Also, buy some tickets to Komische Oper, if you’re in the area. Perhaps even if you’re not. (also, dear Komische Oper, please sell shirts. Or at least buttons. Jut take my money and continue to be fab!)

As for the mezzo here, it’s not like we haven’t written about Gumos before. She does not have a FB page, so you cannot support her there, but she does have a website. And, of course, if you are on Facebook (unlike yours truly), you can of course support the Komische Oper FB page. You can, of course, also look at it if you have no account. Well worth a visit!
– Seriously, this is their header graphic at the moment (a still from the Manzel/Hopp evening, “Eine Frau, die weiß, was sie will”):


9 thoughts on “Mezzo Party: Trouser Roles For Everyone”

  1. This is awesome, too bad I already sent my vote, so can’t vote for MEZ (next time the green party should consider hiring the Komische Oper advertising department and voting would be more fun).

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