15 thoughts on “Upcoming Liveblog: Handel’s “Aci, Galatea e Polifemo” on Sunday”

  1. I’m going to have to check this video out and then the liveblog when I have time. Some acquaintances put on a production of Acis and Galatea where Acis was a woman, so it turned into a production about homophobia and toxic masculinity. I know Aci is different music, but I need to check out the original plot for personal parsing purposes.


    1. Haaa!! (What, did we at any point believe Aci to be anything else than a woman? 😉 )

      I hope Dr. T. and her casting sheet are listening in. 🙂

      And while there are two versions, I think much of the material is identical…?

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      1. ruuuushing over… and i was just watching ∂∂ yesterday ❤
        did i tell you the story of when i showed up at an bemf event with Stray, and complained their "Aci and Galatea" was just generic.. and then Stray mentioned she once had the two works mixed up. I, clearing throat AHEM, pointed out i would NEVER mix it up, esp. when a contralto was criminally replaced with a tenor, WTH!

        Yes, Ed, ask me/us anything regarding the original material.. ah.. oh.. like very high res screen cap? sigh..


  2. “If Edie Windsor were part of the plot, there’d be a happy ending?”
    That romcom for your bucket list. Acey and Gally both despise the hulk who lives in their building and is stalking Gally, but they haven’t caught on that they are for each other, until the lustige witwe in the penthouse catches the hulk bothering Gally in the elevator. After she puts him in the hospital, she sorts the young ones out over dinner at her place and leaves them to use her bedroom while she goes to a NOW fundraiser.


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