4 thoughts on “Operatic Congrats”

  1. Thanks eyes & FierceRev. It’s been an awful process to get to this point.

    On the one hand:
    – I am still livid about being forced into this costly (in terms of energy, emotion and finance), unnecessary postal survey where the nation clearly supported marriage equality but our politicians were too busy fighting their own party colleagues to be able to actually create real, effective policy and govern
    – the survey gave all the wingnuts a chance to air their opinions, even if they couldn’t even defend it when challenged (https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2017/oct/24/qa-marriage-debate-no-campaigner-struggles-to-explain-concern-for-children). So many lies were peddled, so many relations were fractured divided as people firmed their yes & no divisions. i watched former choir colleagues spat on choir facebook pages – how awkward will rehearsals be from now on?

    On the other hand:
    – it was so joyous. Everybody was so happy. My mostly straight office colleagues were delighted and held a celebratory morning tea with rainbow cake decorated with smartie. I went to the city’s street party, where citizens and the progressive politicians who’ve been holding the fort for us joined together in some awesome cheering and dancing. It was just like the atmosphere of the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras. My straight colleagues were there as well as all the beautiful queers.
    – shit just got real. I guess we start planning our nuptials later next year, after we deal with the house renovations. Bring on the Bridezillas!!!

    ps even more reason to adore Dame Connolly.

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    1. Congratulations again, then – go, Bridezillas!

      It really is unfathomable how long has taken and how much nerves and energy and money it has cost, and how many lives this hesitancy has stalled. (Gemany has barely been a few months quicker, thank God without a public vote)

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