Upcoming Liveblog: The 2017 Monnaie “Lucio Silla”

Early Mozart Seria time! – Lenneke Ruiten (Giunia) and Spike in Mozart’s “Lucio Silla”, Brussels 2017]

Dear liveblog people, see you Saturday at the customary hour of 9 p.m. (UTC+1) for Silla#1 (Silla#2 (Milan) and Silla#3 (Salzburg) still pending).

Plot: three sopranos and a mezzo dating each other to various degrees, while scheming for world domination. (Ah yes. There’s also a tenor who is the evil emperor.)

The production is still available via ARTE.



6 thoughts on “Upcoming Liveblog: The 2017 Monnaie “Lucio Silla””

  1. I just watched Lucio Silla a couple of weeks ago! It was a production from Milan, with Crébassa and Ruiten (don’t know if that’s the Milan Lucio Silla which is still pending). A really pretty staging, perhaps even a little too pretty, so it would be interesting to see another production.


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