White Shirt Monday: Back To Bleak


[…Directors starting with “M” apparently do have a tendency to stage really bleak “Idomeneos”? – Guanqun Yu (Elettra), Anna Stéphany (Idamante) and Hanna-Elsabeth Müller (Ilia) in Mozart’s “Idomeneo” as staged by Jetske Mijnssen, Zurich 2018. – Photo Credit: the one and only Monika Rittershaus]

Zurich’s new production premiered last night; the stills look a lot as if Arthur Miller has borrowed someone a copy of “The Crucible” as reimagined (or anticipated) by Ibsen, but at least Elettra seems to be having none of that. At all.


[Guanqun Yu (Elettra) and I am sure there are other people but can I say again Guanqun Yu (Elettra). (Plus Airam Hernández as Arbace, I presume, Joseph Kaiser as Idomeneo, Anna Stéphany as Idamante (no, old-fashioned military coats never get old) and Hanna-Elsabeth Müller as Ilia in Mozart’s “Idomeneo, Zurich 2018. – Photo Credit: the one and only Monika Rittershaus]

2 thoughts on “White Shirt Monday: Back To Bleak”

    1. Crossed by mind, for a hot second, too, but Zurich tends to stream very little – the last thing from Zurich was that JDD Capuleti, I think…? (or the last WS one, at least?) I am trying to think of Zurich stream right now and am drawing a blank.


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