Whirt Shirt Monday: Cinderella

[And sometimes, Prince Charming is a Golden Girl: Helen Lepalaan (Le Prince Charmant) in Massenet’s “Cendrillon”, Opera Zuid 2008.]

And sometimes, that is all it takes: that the Prince is a girl.

vbroekhuisenlapalaan2[But what if the Prince and the Princess were both girls, and both mezzos? Fairy tale complete! – Francis von Broekhuisen (Cendrillon) and Helen Lepalaan (Le Prince Charmant) in Massenet’s “Cendrillon”, Opera Zuid 2008.]

These photos are something I have wanted to post as White Shirt Monday for a long time – years, even.

There is the glosser, much more high-end Pelly production of “Cendrillon”, but this simple one (the two clips from which the caps stem are available on YT) has always moved me in a different way, perhaps because Cendrillon is actually staged as an average girl who gets the Disney Prince(ss) in the end. And sometimes, the Prince being a Princess – while wearing the same frock – makes all the difference indeed.



6 thoughts on “Whirt Shirt Monday: Cinderella”

    1. There is the recording cover with Flicka (a staging of its own, but no video…) and that over the top baroquevaganza with Breedt – but I could do with sleeker staging. Preferably right now.


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