Sound and Clouds and Thunder (76)

[We have been here for 76 weeks, no, we are not running out of steam. – Giuseppina Bridelli, singing “In braccio a mille furie”, from Porpora’s “Semiramide rconosciuta”, Lyon 2017. – Clip with thanks to giuseppina bridelli]

Here, have some rage to dole out at this week. And pack those two punches just after the 1:20 mark because as long as we have mezzo-sopranos (and contraltos. And, fine, the occasional soprano), we have vocal fuel for the resistance.

(As for Bridelli – this is not even what she does best. Find her Cavalli or her Rossi someplace (coughitmightbetherecough) and recharge at large for the weeks and months ahead.)


3 thoughts on “Sound and Clouds and Thunder (76)”

  1. thanks for posting this, I was only familiar with the aria via Hallenberg (and maybe Fagioli?) – a good one to be introduced to Bridelli.


    1. My pathway is through Bartoli, which is a tough one to unhear, but now I need to search for Hallenberg, too.



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