White Skirt Wednesday: Semper Fidelio

[Actual reasons to watch “Fidelio”, Exhibit A. – Susann Vent-Wunderlich (Leonore) in Beethoven’s “Fidelio”, Osnabrück 2018.]

In all honesty, those reasons boil down to:

1) rating sopranos in drag on a Badass Butch Scale, both vocally and scenically (in this case: more on the FemmeFidelio side, but I would definitely not mind her being my flight captain. Also, ponytail.)

2) cheering on Marzelline


[That is certainly not one for the tenor.  – Susann Vent-Wunderlich (Leonore), Erika Simons (Marzellina) and Daniel Wagner (Jaquino) in Beethoven’s “Fidelio”, Osnabrück 2018]



24 thoughts on “White Skirt Wednesday: Semper Fidelio”

    1. (I mean Madrid has to somehow even out that additional tenor glitch in Idomeneo, never mind how good the individual tenors in question are):

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        1. I way thinking more along the lines of protests slogans, but that would work, too. Obviously, Idomeneo needs a good tenor (Croft!!), but not necessarily two, however good or good-looking the individual tenors in question.


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            1. that would be my very personal conclusion, too.
              Of course, too each their own, but if there’s no mezzos around, I have limited patience for bare-chested ads. How about an axe-wielding Elektra in there?


            2. Ah yes, the core question of
              Do you need
              the actual meat,
              or does fake fur
              Make the better Sir?


            3. “this picture is the go-to answer to many casting issues…” –
              oh I think it’s the go-to answer for a much broader range of issues than only casting. It would make a very fine autosignature for email replies with no other content.

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            4. “Isn’t that what the youngsters call reaction gifs these days? If it would move?”
              Just so. And it would move.
              Is that what they call them? So staid. Someone will market them as giffytakes or the like.


  1. …and on the issue of that Osnabrück Fidelio, I would like to add this review snippet by a Peter Schulz (it seems the we are onto something with the flight captain!):


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