White Shirt Monday: On the Bus

[Rare footage of the White Shirt Travel Bus! – As we have now figured out, it is conducted by Roberta Mameli and just stopped in Venice this winter. – Roberta Mameli (Aminta) and  Elisabeth Breuer (Elisa) in Mozart’s “Il rè pastore”, Venice/Fenice 2019. – Photo Credit: Michele Crosera]

Suffice to say that the White Shirts are a bunch of happy campers regarding this production – it was conducted by Sardelli! It’s more Early Mozart seria!!

The show was not streamed (they went for “Sogno di Scipione” instead, which… is nice? But not as nice as this), but snippets were periscoped via FB, so there’s that, involving tree-climbing, Trilby-wearing (which seems to be a lyric soprano thing this season) and romancing other sopranos. Win/win/win?




6 thoughts on “White Shirt Monday: On the Bus”

      1. Yay! It’s good to be back! The family’s away, so I have a bit of time to myself at the moment and have been youtubing operas and was wondering how you all were doing!

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