#FairestIsle, Aegean Take II


Send help.

Only please don’t send help.

(Okay, send the press department another graphic designer, but that’s about all the help necessary here)

help 3.jpg

Basically (other than that luxury Oberto) —


Excuse me while I will be breathing into a paper bag for the remainder of the evening.


I still feel guilty that I never found time to write a review on the “Germanico in Germania” tour stop I saw at TADW.

And I still feel as if I owe it to Nesi’s work in particular to write about it, to match that drive and earnestness and skill at least to a small fraction, out of respect, because that evening – even though now more than an ample year in the past – still haunts me, in  a good and profound way.

To have that kind of artistry and attitude behind a Ruggiero opposite Papatanasiu’s Alcina?

I will be sitting in a corner with my paperbag and calm myself down with#LuxuryOberto:



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