White Skirt Wednesday: Marbles (and losing them)


It’s a very rainy day. The promo and press for Julie Fuchs’ “Mademoiselle” album will make you forget about it for a good long while, though. Especially if you didn’t make it to Zurich’s current “Turco in Italia” (last show tonight).

White Shirt photshoots make everything better (they do not exactly lessen the Naglestad vibes in this case, though. Not that that is a goal in any way, but it might help with getting my pulse to two figures instead of three.).


[Julie Fuchs, “Mademoiselle” promo, screenshot from the promo video; extra point for including fandom in the point of the fainting lost lamb that’s all ears in after having crawled over everyone into first row. Or something like that.]

Also: Zurich, I ❤ you, but we really need to talk about streaming. Pay per view after the run, if you’d like. Take my money. There is so much I’d like to see, other than the ARTE stream of “Nabucco” in June (now without Naglestad *NOOOOOOO!* who pulled out due to family reasons *sobbin quietly in a corner*).

Also give me that “Hyppolite et Aricie”. d’Oustrac, Dubois and Haïm. PLEASE.

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