“…current casting standards…”

Lovely teaser-review on Genaxu’s and Zazzo’s current baroque program that also stopped at Handelfestspiele Halle and was broadcast on ARTE from there (geoblocking applies. Sorry.).

The tweet still has me both tearing up and my hair out, though, and not in a good way because WHEN did public perception whift to a place where a Baroque (!) program that has a mezzo sing male roles and a countertenor sing female roles “demolish current casting practices”?!

That is… normal casting practice. Or it should be.

It should be nothing out-of-the-norm to have a singer’s sex and/or gender identity offstage to not equal the sex and/or gender identity of a role performed onstage, most of all in Early Music. Dammit.

(also, if you actually open the article linked to: WHY is there a need to describe Zazzo – the literary Ken Doll of countertenors, whom I have never heard mock any of his repertoire –  as “virile” within the first mention of him? Is there really a need to point out and make sure that singing a few arias depicting women characters doesn’t actually effeminize a male singer and, God forbid, even if that were the case, why would that be so bad?

Really, 2019? REALLY?




3 thoughts on ““…current casting standards…””

  1. at least they didn’t mention how in touch with her femininity Genaux is? We should write fake reviews ticking every stereotype.

    ps: is Halle Fest actively trying to alienate foreign fans?

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    1. I think that one‘s on ARTE (but as far as access goes, let‘s take this to email…).

      Let‘s bring the gin and I am all up for fake reviews.


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