[Alice Coote (Agrippina). Oh, and there’s someone else, sorry, my brain doesn’t work properly right now – Franco Fagioli (Nerone) in Handel’s “Agrippina” as staged by Barrie Kosky, about to open at Bayerische Staatsoper, Munich 2019. – Photo Credit: someone who clearly gets me @Bayerische Staatsoper.]

They’re advertisting this (sold out anyway, but) as “Like a caffeine overdose!”, which aptly depicts the adrenaline levels, though doesn’t properly revisit the whole #OMGAliceCoote aspect of things.

Stream this, Gods of the Opera Heavens, stream this. Who needs the latest episode  of Jonas & Anja when THIS is an option?

(this feels like coming out all voer again – wait, I don’t have to care about Alfie and Violetta (though I do care about Violetta, which… it’s complicated), I can care about morally ambiguous older women in mezzo range instead, independent of whether they are or are not wearing trousers?!



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