Sound and Clouds and Thunder (139)

[Dame Sarah Connolly, singing Mahler’s “Songs of a Wayfarer”, with the OAE under Vladimir Jurowski, 2012. – Clip with thanks to liederoperagreats]

As much as the mezzos have our backs as the soundtrack (and, in case of Connolly, also as a moral compass)  of this #IfBelanctoIsWithUsWhoMayStandAgainstUs attempt to make it through Drumpfian Dystopia and its worlwide repercussions and imagine a better place, we’ve got the back of our mezzos for all we can.

While among incessant racism from one the highest offices on this planet roared its ugly sytemtic head again this week (well, can I say ‘again’ if it actually continuous?), the news of Our Dame Of The Great Hair gearing up to fight breast cancer instead of wimply Tolomeos resonated strongly across our corner of the web ( the Breast Cancer Fairy won’t quite know what hit her in that fight, we have all seem Connolly’s Cesare. Repeatedly). Probably also because Sarah Connolly, in addition to being a great singer, is also a great inspiration for that place we’re trying to build beyond the xenophobic, protofascist, systematically sexist & racist trainwreck some fringe-bullying-themselves-into-mainstream-label jerks are trying to get us on.

Hold on, everyone, and have each other’s backs through another week.


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