(unoperatic squeals)

star trek picaaaaaahrd.jpg

— my entire timeline this morning was 90% this and it was glorious.

(some of you know me long enough to know that this is not off topic for me at all)

star trek picaaaaaahrd 2.jpg

So. Seven. How’s the wife? Still that much of a coffee addict? Still beating you at Velocity now and then? We had guessed as much.

star trek picaaaaaahrd 3.jpg

[gif here. -: Credit: @galinareznikov]

Does anyone remember this and how it took unplugging the phone all night to download the 4MB clip of it via the 56k modem, only to watch it on a loop for breakfast, grinning widely?

— The memory lane I am walking down right now has about a dozen lanes in there’s enough space for a Borg, her starship Captain wife, some other Trek folks, and for the fabulous people of A Certain Faction this ship made me meet.


11 thoughts on “(unoperatic squeals)”

    1. apparently they showed a trailer at SDCC? (from which the second set of caps is taken)

      – of course I will be apprehensive because… Seven without Janeway = No Way (unless it will be a running joke of ‘couldn’t make last meeting, sorry, but you know how it is, being a starshop captain or being married to one’), but a character driven Trek-show in THAT timeframe? Really, I am aboard the USS Nostalgia as I type this.

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        1. …and it is 2019, and by now there is apparently precedence for TV shows about stubborn, small, freckled starship captains who turn antagonistic relationships with superhuman tall blondes into epic romances in *mainstream*?

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