va pour la Crète


Evening program on ARTE (I hope it isn’t geoblocked): “La belle Hélène” from Lausanne.

I didn’t even really mean to watch it, but the drive of the first few bars got me hooked, and then I saw that orchestra (very diverse, lots of women), and now I have to figure out whether Robard-Gendre has a contract clause that says her wigs always have to be white (if anyone else remembers her Aix Ramiro).


4 thoughts on “va pour la Crète”

  1. …CT Oreste. Not having me fully convinced.
    Some of the singing in general (apart from Menelaos, who is purposefully cast with an actor), and nothing will ever be Minkowski/Lott in that way, but still… an enjoyable evening. French dialogues in front of a French audience = best.


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