White Shirt Monday: Stepmom Plot

[A clear case of mezzos are doing it for themselves? – I think I could use a drink from that green bottle on the marble dresser. With lots of eyes. Joyce DiDonato (Agrippina) and Kate Lindsey (Nerone) in Handel’s “Agrippina” as staged by David McVicar, NewYork/MEt 2020 – Photo credit: THANK YOU, Sara Krulwich, of the NY Times, for this new altarpiece in the White Shirt Cathedral.]

Nearly all opera plots have one of two simple solutions that are almost never employed: 1) threesome, 2) but what if she’s only his stepmom.

This is a case of #2, but if we ask Poppea, it might also be a case of #1, off #2 holds true.

Between DiDonato and Lindsey on our stages: what a time to be alive.


27 thoughts on “White Shirt Monday: Stepmom Plot”

  1. I just left the Met after seeing this. My advice? Run, don’t walk, to the nearest cinema that’s showing this on Saturday. Incredibly clever production, all singers terrific, and Kate gives fabulous boy.

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    1. Thanks for the recommendation! This is probably the only time I will not be grumbling about having to shell out 34 bucks for a cinema ticket when an actual opera ticket in town is less 😅

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  2. Just reporting back that I DIED, and it was GLORIOUS, and I’m considering paying another $18 just to see the encore.

    Also, for the occasion, I dressed up as teenage-dirtbag Emperor-wannabe Nerone, tats and all, and it was a lot of fun. 😀

    JDD was phenomenal, and Brenda Rae’s Poppea was sparkling and energetic! Kate Lindsay’s hips will not be denied.

    FWIW, the otherwise squicky scenes of Claudio being a predator were undercut by comedy very well, so there wasn’t so much vulnerability on Poppea’s part to cross my internal line of discomfort.

    I wasn’t expecting two counter-tenors, but they were great, and I now have visions of this production with three trouser roles…

    Anyway, I loved it!

    GGeek (Al)

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  3. Just saw this in the cinema yesterday. Have not come back to real life at all yet.
    After the opera I drove over 20 kilometres (15 miles) to get to a grocery store, where I’d be sure not to meet anyone who’d greet met with “Heyy, how nice to see you, how are things… blah-blah….”.

    Incredible intensity, incredible everything.
    And: whatever the colour of the shirt of Kate Lindsey – I’m in!

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    1. Hey, so glad you caught it!

      But: could you really drive afterwards? 😉 Glad you made it back safely!


      1. Actually I had to stop twice on the road – first at a parking space a few hundred yards from the cinema and then again after 10 kms at a highway parking place to phone a friend, who’d also seen the performance and was in a state… in a good way! =)


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