#LaClemenzaLiceu (this is now a hashtag)

Dear Lord, there’s more.

— look I am not used to being centrally addressed by opera marketing campaigns, I am confused.

10 thoughts on “#LaClemenzaLiceu (this is now a hashtag)”

  1. excellent side effect of bi- or trilingual opera houses: double/triple the content.

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    1. that sword training video could use a few female guards, but it’s mesmerizing.
      – and, yes, it’s February, it’s time to get to my annual outburst of embarrassment levels of lyric soprano fangirling. ;-D
      (I rewatched the Paris Mitridate the other week. I am so not over that show.)

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        1. i think it is a man, too, but I stumble over them every time, too!
          (and yes, nice haircut. so much better than WIGS!)


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