White Shirt Monday: Apocalypse? Just dandy.

[“Afraid of the apocaplyse? Ha, have you seen my wallpaper?” or more “When caught alone in the wilderness with me, I will catch you a fish this size!”? – Arianna Vendittelli as Serse in Handel’s “Serse”, Reggio Emilia 2019.]

Overlooked gem: the 2019 small-house tour of Dantone/Galou with “Serse”, also starring De Liso, Piccinini and Venditelli – who is a soprano but flexible enough to sing Serse. And to swagger around like a Don Giovanni dandy of sorts.

(Don’t let the wallpaper distract you, it’s fabulous. Also, Galou’s shirt collar wearing abilities are through the roof here. Added bonus: best beard of the year).



2 thoughts on “White Shirt Monday: Apocalypse? Just dandy.”

  1. “best beard of the year” – indeed, although it is only this year that I saw Podles’ Assyrian beard in Ciro; a beard that should have its own dialogue and agent. Still, I had never before thought of Lincoln when looking at Galou, and that’s an interesting sensation.
    The videos to which you link appear to share that wallpaper, causing Puzzled in Philadelphia to wonder about her outfit in Ombra Mai Fu. Like so many operas, Serse would only be improved by scene changes of costume and performative gender. I am still thinking about your screencap of Leanora and Marzellina.


    1. Podles’ Ciro, yes, but Podles is always something else. too bad ROF has stopped the streams for now, I would pay for more, also for the Video of that Fidelio. Or more Vendittelli/Galou, who would be tall enough for Lincoln at least!

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