White Skirt Wednesday: In the Unlikeliest Of Places

halka_unlikelies of places.jpg
[Even in the bleakest and most misogynist of operas, there are possible points of connection. Case in question: Corinne Winters (Halka) and Natalia Kawałek (Zofia)  in Moniuszko’s “Halka”, Vienna/TADW 2019. – Photo Credit: the one and only Monika Rittershaus]

The synopsis of “Halka” is an ode to male privilege that really is only bearable with enough liquor on the side. Though the plot of “dude dumps you for another woman, obviously you should drown yourself in a river” might be much improved by “dumping patriarchy into the river, forming solidary bonds with other oppressed parties, and get the hell out of Dodge (with the girl, but without the dude).”

2 thoughts on “White Skirt Wednesday: In the Unlikeliest Of Places”

  1. Looks like they could invert it into Giselle. “You know, if you throw yourself in the river too, you can be one of us, with chic beach waves (and a tattoo?), and we can all give him the willies, and it’ll be a lot more fun than that wedding.”

    Mon âme est une sœur pour ces ombres si belles.
    La vie et le tombeau pour nous n’ont plus de loi.
    (Hugo; and from Offenbach:)

    Mortes, sortez de vos tombeaux,
    Pour revivre !
    Il faut quitter ces noirs caveaux.
    Et me suivre !
    Vive la gaité,
    La liberté !
    Le cri de guerre sera :
    « Vengeance ! »
    Et le traître recevra,
    Sa danse !


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