Friday in Paris, 2016.

The Théatre des Champs Elysées is streaming the Paris “Mitridate” on their website right now.

(it’s the cleaned up 2nd video edition, not the first ARTE broadcast that may be grainier, but remains a favorite, for those of you who are similarly afflictedd and know what I am talking about. Still.


The production will remain online on Culturebox until June, thought it’s geblocked there. I case you don’t have this archived already. You have 24 hours for some of the best Mozart ever.

12 thoughts on “Friday in Paris, 2016.”

    1. It auto-opened with French subtitles? But finally one without subtitles would be great news for further screencapping!!



      1. I should have been more specific – no subtitle options. (When it was first on ARTE, there were at least Italian, French, and German. And the DVD has an English option, as well.)


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