White Shirt Monday: #MezzosForTheApocalpyse (cont’d)

[First step: Throwdown into pose – Varduhi Abrahamyan (Arsace), off to take on entitled patriarchy in Rossini’s “Semiramide, Pesaro 2019.]

throw it down 2

[Second step: Swagger off. – Varduhi Abrahamyan (Arsace) in Rossini’s “Semiramide, Pesaro 2019.]

Yes, I know this is cheating because it is two screencaps, but, honestly, who minds twice the amount of swagger?

Continuing in our series of #MezzosForTheApocalypse, today it’s Arsace of “Semiramide”:

Special Skills: battle sneer, artful shoulder pieces, Xena Level mane, dense enough to rush into battle/tomb first and without backup, and come out alive again, though possibly with parently trauma and minus the uniform jacket.

Swagger Level: Not even high heels can stop it. #StepOnMe

Chances of Survival: Will likely strut opposing zombie army into oblivion. As long as the opponents are smug baritones to battle vocally, excellent chances of survival. If it’s complicated queens and romance, likeliness of survival sinks rapidly.

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