White Shirt Monday: #MezzosForTheApocalypse 9

[Yes, a slightly rumple white shirt (tie optional) is still the go-to Apocalypse Mezzo Fashion. Bring it on, then. – Anna Bonitatibus (Sesto) in Mozart’s “La clemenza di Tito”, Brussels 2013]

How does Sesto fair as in the #MezzosForTheApocalypse scenario?

Special Skills: causing drama everywhere. – He had One Job. At first, he didn’t want to do it. Then he complained about it. Then he did it all wrong. Then he complained about it some more. All the drama might throw the zombie armies off his trail.

Swagger Level: not even with a knife in hand. But the singing! #Guardami!

Chances of Survival: minimal, but he doesn’t here- he is content that his bossy girlfriend survives. Would probably stab himself in the foot with his own dagger before even leaving camp to move against the zombies. He would sing a beautiful existentialist aria about it, though. The zombies, upon meeting, might just pat him on the head, give him back his dagger (“pointy end outward, bro”) and move on (“Complicated kale brain. No carbs. Let’s move on.”)

02 0027

[Altarpiece. Who will be breaking out into “Casta Diva” next, or at least “Diva”?. – Anna Bonitatibus (Sesto) and the leg of Véronique gens (Vitellia) in Mozart’s “La clemenza di Tito”, Brussels 2013]

7 thoughts on “White Shirt Monday: #MezzosForTheApocalypse 9”

  1. Designated Victim. A quick answer to Who Gets Thrown to the Wolves? Extremely useful in an apocalypse, but don’t stand too close.


    1. An old acquaintance of mine, a horse person, once talked about herds in the Central Asian plains: young stallions, she said, bring up the rear. “Tiger food”. (not sure if Vitellia would be the tigress here)

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  2. Altarpiece and relic, in the church Sta Vitellia Patella, the reliquary anatomically shaped as usual, carved from the finest white marble, lightly veined, ready for the worshipping kiss and vow, pel ciel marmoreo giuro!


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