Sound and Clouds and Thunder (186)

[Lea Desandre, singing “Armatae face et anguibus” from Vivaldi’s “Juditha triumphans”, with Thomas Dunford’s Jupiter ensemble, 2019. – Clip with thanks to Alpha Classics]

I wasn’t kidding about the whole Desandre situation.

This take is a whole mood. (It is also quite a look)

So, if in need of some Early Music soundtrack for the streets and general sustained ire this week: there’s always “Juditha triumphans”, and this aria will hopefully give you some added swagger spark for the upcoming week. We’re in this for the long run (We’ve been in this for 3 1/2 years already)

2 thoughts on “Sound and Clouds and Thunder (186)”

  1. How have I managed to miss this for 13 years?

    Fury. Jubilant fury. Everything that should be there. As da Ponte said, To Hell With Patriarchy.
    And you know, that makes sense of the supposedly odd ending to Giovanni, when everybody comes on and sings so happily. Why shouldn’t they? He’s burning in Hell. Hurrah.

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