Video Alert: A Romp in Rome

[Joyce DiDonato (Agrippina) doing what most of us would do faced with this “Agrippina” production, New York/Met 2020.]

This production is still streaming for 7 1/2 more hours for free. Watch the heck out of it and if you enjoy it and have a few bucks to spare, throw them at the Met Chorus Fundraiser, or any other org trying to pay artists through this crisis.

If you are too distracted by Kate Lindsey’s Nerone to do as much as count up to two: have a very cold drink (and/or shower), and donations will still be just as welcome tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Video Alert: A Romp in Rome”

  1. Seeing this again and more calmly (first time the livecast from Row 3 center of a theatre, overwhelming) though not very calmly, I was again in awe of DiDonato’s acting. Lindsey and Rae give superhuman performances, but she dominates every scene she’s in with her repression, her walk like a vain duck, her closeup-assisted gestures of mouth and brows, her watchfulness. And her voice sounds better to me than it did a while back, as though singing the role has been therapy. The role owes her a favor, she does it so much good.

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