“A Campus Christmas (Twenty Years Later)”, pt. 13 (conclusion), has been posted to the Writing Desk.

With this final update, The “twenty years later” vignette in the “Campus”-verse has come to a close (pt. 13 is the one I would advise not to read at work, but then again, you may be working from home at the moment and/or have a great pokerface). It has not taken me quite until the next Christmas, but it has been 9 months in the making (not counting the years of plot bunnies beforehand).

In the next few days, I have to travel into a Corona-heavy zone and I wanted to have this wrapped up and done before I leave. If it is the last thing I were to ever write, I think I will have gone out with a bang, bad pun fully intended.

The plan is, of course, to write more, when time permits: the second half of “Stages” being the first thing on the list, but I have already joked (joked until it wasn’t quite a joke anymore) that, in another twenty years and in case I am still around by then, I might revisit “Campus” again. When this place – in case it is still around – will have been renamed “Shady Belcanto Pines” and everyone including Bjarne will be retired.

This is it, for now.



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  1. Left you a reply after reading this. Again wonderful. As I thought about it I felt a yearning to know how they finally ended up resolving their being together totally. As you wrote this before the pandemic I can’t imagine what happened when borders closed and you get the picture. Just wanted more and resolve. If it doesn’t happen it was a terrific read. Thank you again. Please don’t wait 20 yrs. I’m a senior.

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    1. Thank you for taking the time to comment.

      Writing time and energy is sparse these days (too many other obligations), so I honestly do not know if there will be more of these characters, and when that might be. I have some editing projects (among them the original Campus) on the list first.

      When the pandemic hit, some of my readers and friends actually brainstormed a “who of Campus is where and is affected how?” take. By the time I may manage to write more of them, the pandemic will hopefully be behind us, with everyone vaccinated and on the safe side.


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