Sound and Clouds and Thunder (196)

[Romina Basso, singing “Vedrò con mio diletto” from Vivaldi’s “Il Giustino”, with Armonia Atenea/George Petrou. – Clip with thanks to Jeffrey Stivers]

The take as of 3:20! And the the very end!!!

There is something about the weight of Basso’s voice that makes be believe in making it through another week and appreciating all the beauty seeping in through the cracks in that blinding intensity she manages to draw up.

2 thoughts on “Sound and Clouds and Thunder (196)”

  1. The human voice is the most beautiful instrument of all, but it is the most difficult to play (Richard Strauss)
    thank you so very much
    the track is on Baroque Divas, Petrou with Basso, Prina, Genaux, Nesi

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