10.000 hits – and Statistics 101

During my absence, this blog hit the 10,000 views mark – time to say thank you to you all, dear readers and visitors, for your interest (or accidental stumble, as it may be), your frequent stops by this page and your comments.

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Singing and skipping through the woods…


After years of steadfast resistance, I am caving in.
(I blame this on two dear friends who know exactly who they are!)

Henceforth I shall blog.

What you’ll find here:

  • news and notes concerning my writing projects (all things var[title] and any additional fiction)
  • notes about the things that keep me from writing them, namely that Ph.D. I am attempting to get (Ph.D. candidates need ranting space. That’s a law. Or it should be, anyway.)
  • some other things that Litte Red Riding Hood forgot to ask about, including notes on singing (opera) and skipping (queer tango) and occasional details on the goodies inside grandma’s basket (food blogging).
  • ranting hoodthe occasional genderific rant or gay (and possibly merry) rave, simply because I can’t help myself (in which instance I shall make references to”Litte Red Ranting Hood”, just to be clear)

(for Tex Avery’s classic Litte Red Riding Hood in action, just follow the picture link)

Now, of course, there could be the justified question of “why do you have to talk about writing and hot mezzos in pants opera and cooking? Don’t you know foodblogs ALWAYS go with a light background? And haven’t you read that people prefer blogs centered around a s-i-n-g-l-e topic?”

Uhm, yeah.

I realize this could easily be parted into four blogs, but I don’t have the time for four blogs at the moment. Besides, since I seem to be unable to center my life calmly around ONE thing, why should any blog of mine fare better?

To make things easier, I’ll use for basic categories (“kitchen”, “opera”, “writing” and “ivory tower”) – so if you want to check up on the latest fiction, but aren’t into food, just call up the writing category. Or if want to commiserate on Ph.D. madness the process of getting a doctorate, but think opera is boring (*gasp!*), head straight to the “ivory tower”.

<geek>It’ll be like a big folder with colored post-its.</geek>

Feel free to leaf through it!

Under construction

“Oh, grandmother, what big ears you have!”

“All the better to hear you with.”

“Oh, grandmother, what big eyes you have!”

“All the better to see you with.”

“Oh, grandmother, what big big circles underneath your eyes1 you have!”

“They’re from staying up all night blogging with the wolf, you dimwit!”

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