From Anik’s Kitchen: Brioches

If you pass through Vienna, do make a stop at Kaffeeküche down in the Jonasreindl, a small cornerspot in the middle of an underground traffic station (Schottentor). They sell what is likely the best coffee in town and they also sell Parisian Brioches: tiny perfect fluffy things of subtly sweet white bread. And to top it off, they offer them filled-on-the-spot with chocolate or Marillenkonfitüre (apricot jam). Take the latter. Heaven.

They are closed on the weekends, though, so I had to come come up with a second-best thing made from scratch. Verdict: The whole batch was gone within an hour of making it. Parigi, o cara, noi lasceremo – we will make these wherever we go.

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From Anik’s Kitchen: Tagliatelle alle erbette

One of my favorite things to do is to make pasta. I like it better than watching TV or drinking tea or – well, not better than opera, but it comes close.

And right now is the perfect time to do it because the herbs are still standing high in their balcony flower boxes, yet the temperatures have cooled down enough to have “a batch of herb pasta with butter and parmesan to ward off the early autumn chill” sound really appealing.

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From Anik’s Kitchen: Heirloom Potatoes


[It’s not a red cabbage kiwi. It’s an old potato variety called Violetta. – Not Valéry, but, yes, I got a bag of Traviata potatoes (don’t you dare snicker). At the annual party of the local waste management branch to boot. It’s a long story (or not: the branch cultivates potatoes). They were on sale in hipster paper bags, and I had never eaten violet potatoes before, so at 1€/kg, I had to try]

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From Anik’s Kitchen: Closing Out Ice-Cream Season with Lemon-Buttermilk



It is always ice-cream season, of course. But the warm days of summer where you eat ice-cream to cool off are drawing to a close.

We are enjoying a late bout of temperatures in the high 80s these days: time to power up the ice-cream maker once more and make a batch of lemon-buttermilk. This simple recipe is a favorite of  everyone in the household (both under and over five) – the buttermilk and sour cream keep it creamy and hold the acid note of the lemon nicely in check; it has a refreshing citrus tang, but is palatable for small children, too.

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