White Shirt Monday: Camp-a-nile

[“Hello, tenors, I have come to take away your swashbuckle rep and your swagger. Also I have brought three likewise female pageboys in frills with questionable haircuts just because I can.” – Daniela Barcellona (Falliero) in Rossini’s “Bianca e Falliero”, Prague 2005]

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White Shirt Monday: Chain Reaction

[Please cue all possible Prince Valiant/Chain a soprano to this/”You’ve Got Chainmail and it sings better than the tenor, among other things” summer quips and chill the Côtes du Provence rosé while you contemplate the reasons for this smirk: Daniela Pini (Isolier) in Rossini’s “Le Comte Ory”, Malmö 2015 PS. That shirt collar detail, bring me the ice bucket]

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“il est toujours bon, sur ma foi, / d’avoir les femmes avec soi”

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White Shirt Monday: Glitter and Be (Very) Gay

[- just please don’t the try the homicidial maniac thing at home. The golden hair glitter is fine, though. Also: overcoats. – Kate Lindsey (Nerone) and Slávka Zámečníková (Poppea) in Monteverdi’s “L’incoronazione di Poppea”, Vienna/Staatsoper 2021]

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