White Shirt IDAHOT

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[It’s May 17th, it’s IDAHOT – International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia (and I’d add “Queerphobia, Heteronormativity & Cisnormativity”).
A day to remember that we all have bodies, and that how we read or shape or stage these bodies, how we live our truths in relation to them, and to whom these our bodies react (and how), does not make anybody or any body more valuable or ‘truer’ than the other. Let there be respect, and let there be joy. And also, let there be gratitude for the space opera grants us to be who we are. – Susan Graham as Prince Orlofsky in “Cats Reloaded”The Flamboyant” “Die Fledermaus”, New York/MET 2015. – Photo Credit: Ken Howard/Metropolitan Opera]

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Apartment In Rome

[How about we have this not end like Thelma & Louise lesbian driving, but by making out in an elevator? – Margherita Buy (Federica) and Sabrina Ferilli (Marina) in Maria Sole Tognazzi’s Io e lei.]

I already posted my review and thoughts on this movie elsewhere, so this post is just a pointless series of screencaps featuring fictional middle-aged Italian lesbians. Because they speak to me, all script flaws accounted for, much more than e.g. the nubile youngsters of that other A Living Space in Rome spectacle (I am getting older. It feels pretty good).

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Velvet Coat going Varsity (plus some thoughts on “Io e Lei”)

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Not really dealing down the level of gay here, Jane Dean. – Alessia Barela in “Io e Lei”.

Should you watch this movie? That depends. (extensive spoilers after the cut)

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