Cavalli’s Angels

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White Skirt Wednesday: Classic Cavalli

[The point in conversation where Juno needs a cold drink (and we do, too): Giunone (Raffaella Milanesi) and Calisto (Elena Tsallagova) having a heart-to-heart on sleeping with goddesses in Cavalli’s “La Calisto”, Strasbourg 2017.]

[Yes, screencaps. Consider yourself warned, but then again, why else are you all here?]

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Upcoming Liveblogs: Handel & Cavalli Baroque Double on Sun/Tue


[“Gay? As in merry?” – “No, gay as in yep-I-am. I figured between the dogs, outdoor sports, women-only bathing spaces and the white shirts/tunics, it was kind of obvious?” – Someone buy Diana a clue. (Also, it’s the 20 year anniversary of the Puppy Episode.)  Vivica Genaux (Diana) and Elena Tsallagova (Calisto) in Cavallis “La Calisto”, Strasbourg 2017. – Photo Credit: France3/Culturebox]

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