Sound and Clouds And Thunder (5)

[You know what is missing from much of political debate at the moment? Well, debate, for one. (One side screaming fake news while the other rolls their eyes at them does not constitute a debate). – But also: Nuance. And vulnerability in a sense of openness, quiet moments, and an appreciation for the smallest detail. And the ability to listen for it, to hear it. Thankfully, none of these are absent with Iestyn Davies and Thomas Dunford in this selection of Dowland songs, recorded at Wigmore Hall in 2013. – Clip with thanks to sergio lirico]

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Pergolesi’s “Adriano in Siria” at Theater an der Wien



If the renaissance ideal was purist clarity, boiled down to shapes like square and circle, Baroque sweeps in with a penchant for drama for drama’s sake: the squares turn to trapezoids, the circles to ovals. Add some waves that rush forward to nearly reach the ankles of Mozart, some 35 years later, and you’re all set for a night with Pergolesi’s “Adriano in Siria”, with a cast that covers a range from Baroque affect to pre-classicist lyricism.

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Liveblogging: Handel’s “Trionfo” from Aix on Thursday

Who’s up for joining the dysfunctional family dinner? – Sara Mingardo (Disinganno), Sabine Devieilhe (Bellezza), Franco Fagioli (Piacere) and Michael Spyres (Tempo) are on the menu in Handel’s “Il trionfo del tempo e del disinganno”, as staged by Krzysztof Warlikowski. Emmanuelle Haïm conducts Le Concert d’Astrée, Aix-en-Provence 2016. –  Photo Credit: Pascal Victor/Arctomat]

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White Shirt Summer: Tank Top Tuesday

Tank Top Tuesday Aix.png

[Golden rule of summer wardrobe: If the soprano wears the leather jacket, the male (or female) mezzo gets the tank top. And the aviators.  – Still on an Aix high? Sabine Devieilhe (Bellezza) and Franco Fagioli (Piacere) in Kristof Warlikowski’s staging of Handel’s “Il trionfo de tempo e del disinganno”, Aix 2016 – Photo Credit: Aix Festival]

[Tank Top Tuesdays: (c) Dorothy Snarker]

Video Alert: An Aix up our sleeves


tanktopthursday_aix trionfo.png

[Looks like Tank Top Tuesday ((c) Dorothy Snarker)! – Sabine Devieilhe in Kristof Warlikowski’s staging of Handel’s “Il trionfo del tempo e del disinganno”, Aix 2016. – Photo Credit: Aix Festival]

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Handel with Care: “Arminio” at Theater an der Wien

curtain call.png

Curtain Call for Handel’s “Arminio” at Theater an der Wien, Vienna, April 20th, 2016: Pavel Kudinov (Segeste), Vassilis Kavayas (Varo), Vince Li (Sigismondo), Max Emanuel Cencic (Arminio), George Petrou (Orchestra Direction), Sandrina Piau (Tusnelda), Ruxandra Donose (Ramise), Owen Willets (Tullio).

(This is going to be another lengthy review. Proceed at your own risk.)

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