From Anik’s Kitchen: Closing Out Ice-Cream Season with Lemon-Buttermilk



It is always ice-cream season, of course. But the warm days of summer where you eat ice-cream to cool off are drawing to a close.

We are enjoying a late bout of temperatures in the high 80s these days: time to power up the ice-cream maker once more and make a batch of lemon-buttermilk. This simple recipe is a favorite of  everyone in the household (both under and over five) – the buttermilk and sour cream keep it creamy and hold the acid note of the lemon nicely in check; it has a refreshing citrus tang, but is palatable for small children, too.

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From Anik’s Kitchen: Swiss Apricot Tart

Apricot season is over, but this recipe can’t wait until next summer – trademark Swiss apricot tart (“Aprikosenwähe”), still warm from the oven, with tart fruit melting on your tongue, along with a hint of almond and cushioned by freshly whipped cream… can it be June again already? Please?

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From Anik’s Kitchen: Fluffy Apple Pancakes with Calvados

It’s been one of those weeks.

Time for comfort food. These Apple Pancakes are a recipe of my father (he had two – this one, and potato latkes) and have accompanied me through much of my childhood, usually on weekends.

After moving out, I modified the recipe a bit, including apples pre-simmered in white wine,  and for a while in the late 90s, it was so popular on the local lesbian potluck parties that I went by the Indian name of “She Who Bakes Apple Pancakes” for a while (at that time, I was dating “She Who Reigns The Secret of Egg Salad”. Buffet times!).

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