White Shirt Monday: Stepmom Plot

[A clear case of mezzos are doing it for themselves? – I think I could use a drink from that green bottle on the marble dresser. With lots of eyes. Joyce DiDonato (Agrippina) and Kate Lindsey (Nerone) in Handel’s “Agrippina” as staged by David McVicar, NewYork/MEt 2020 – Photo credit: THANK YOU, Sara Krulwich, of the NY Times, for this new altarpiece in the White Shirt Cathedral.]

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Video Alert: Echo Klassik 2017 aka Mezzos for President

[Joyce DiDonato singing “Thy hand, Belinda” from Purcell’s “Dido and Aeneas” with Il Pomo d’Oro during the award ceremony for the Echo Klassik 2017, Hamburg/Elbphilharmonie 2017]

If there is a more poignant image in music and its power this week than the tear streaking through DiDonato’s heavy make-up as she sings – being awarded for the Album of The Year für “War & Peace” – Dido’s lament at the Eccho Klassik Awards, I’ve yet to see it.

Well, there is also the standing ovation for Brigitte Fassbaender while accepting her Lifetime Achievement Award in flats and with a no-nonsense attitude, which speaks to me on a spiritual level, so have your pick.

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