Mayhem at the Meat Plant: “L’incoronazione di Poppea” at Salzburg Festival


[Ensemble, Curtain Shot – “L’incoronazione di Poppea”, Salzburg 2018]

If I had to come up with a single thing that stood out about the new Salzburg „Poppea“, I would need a moment to choose, which is already a thing on its own: there was so much going on on stage and in the two integrated, slightly elevated pits, that it was impossible to process in its entirety. I am undecided whether this was a wholly purposeful move or more of a side effect from a directing perspective other than stage singing, and the space and attention that can command.

So what stood out?

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Communion: Joyce DiDonato’s “In War and Peace” at Konzerthaus Wien


I’ve been thinking back and forth how to approach a review for this show because just writing about arias and how they were sung and played doesn’t cut it in this case. So I will walk you through the experience to my best ability instead.

Initially, I hadn’t even planned to attend the concert, as my 2016 opera budget is gone, but after the U.S. election results and with so much hateful rhetoric making the rounds (the country where I live will quite possibly elect a neo-nazi for President come Sunday), I decided that I needed to hear this concert more than I needed the occasional coffee to go for a month or two. Budget question solved.

(when I walked out today with colleagues for coffee break, without having coffee, I was smiling and thinking “it was so worth it”, and that is perhaps the must succinct feedback I can give for “In War and Peace: Harmony through Music”)

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The Paris 2004 “L’incoronazione di Poppea” Liveblogging Thread


Welcome to the White Shirt live comment thread for Monteverdi’s “Poppea” from Paris (2004), conducted by René Jacobs.

Cast Listing:
Nerone: Anna Caterina Antonacci
Poppea: Patrizia Ciofi
Ottavia: Anne Sofie von Otter
Ottone: Laurence Zazzo
Seneca: Antonio Abete
Amore: Amel Brahim-Djelloul
Drusilla: Carla di Censo
Nutrice: Dominique Visse
Arnalta: Tom Allen
Lucano: Finnur Bjarnason
René Jacobs

The production is available on YT here. Italian libretto via La Scala, bilingual Italian/English here (might have cuts, didn’t check)

Speranza, unico bene degli afflitti mortali: Delphine Galou in “Orfeo”

Bildschirmfoto 2016-10-05 um 11.36.40.png

[Hands up, how many tickets to this do you want?! – Delphine Galou (Speranza/Proserpina), rehearsing with Robert Carsen for the current Monteverdi “Orfeo” in Lausanne, Lausanne 2016 – Photo Credit: the official Galou FB fanpage]

The show is still running tonight (Oct. 5th), plus on the 7th, 9th and 12t of October at the Opéra de Lausanne.

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