White Shirt Monday: Chain Reaction

[Please cue all possible Prince Valiant/Chain a soprano to this/”You’ve Got Chainmail and it sings better than the tenor, among other things” summer quips and chill the Côtes du Provence rosé while you contemplate the reasons for this smirk: Daniela Pini (Isolier) in Rossini’s “Le Comte Ory”, Malmö 2015 PS. That shirt collar detail, bring me the ice bucket]

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Video Alert: A Romp in Rome

[Joyce DiDonato (Agrippina) doing what most of us would do faced with this “Agrippina” production, New York/Met 2020.]

This production is still streaming for 7 1/2 more hours for free. Watch the heck out of it and if you enjoy it and have a few bucks to spare, throw them at the Met Chorus Fundraiser, or any other org trying to pay artists through this crisis.

If you are too distracted by Kate Lindsey’s Nerone to do as much as count up to two: have a very cold drink (and/or shower), and donations will still be just as welcome tomorrow.

“Tancredi” (Wildbad 2019) currently streaming

[Run, don’t walk here and catch Rossini’s “Tancredi” streaming – starring, a.o., Diana Haller (Tancredi) and Elisa Balbo (Amenaide), Bad Wildbad 2019. It’s free with a gift code and a free Vimeo account until July 17th.]

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…if Bonitatibus ever needs a match for her blowtorch, she can count me in.

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White Skirt Wednesday: In the Unlikeliest Of Places

halka_unlikelies of places.jpg
[Even in the bleakest and most misogynist of operas, there are possible points of connection. Case in question: Corinne Winters (Halka) and Natalia Kawałek (Zofia)  in Moniuszko’s “Halka”, Vienna/TADW 2019. – Photo Credit: the one and only Monika Rittershaus]

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