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In the aftermath of the 2016 U.S. election fiasco, we coined a few hasthags, and Fierce came up with #MezzosForTheRevolution.

I think we got a new one: #MezzosForTheApocalypse.

Between Jamie Barton and Kathleen Kelly starting a “Strong badass women and 90s angst” song cycle (which they should take on tour once this is over), Angela Brower and Tara Erraught doing mezzo duets on Twitter/IG that always make me catch something in my eye right when I watch it, and Joyce DiDonato starting nightly ‘how do I breathe through this?’ YT-gatherings on her channel like the true nurting leader she is, it seems it will be the mezzos who take care of our emotional survival.


Review: Royal Fireworks. Lully’s „Isis“ at Theater an der Wien


[Curtain call at Theater an der Wien, after Lully’s “Isis”,Feb. 22nd, 2o2o – Le Chœur de Chambre du Namur & Les Talens Lyriques, with Christophe Rousset and soloists Aimery Lefèvre, Victor Sicard, Philippe Estèphe, Fabien Hyon, Cyril Auvity, Ambroisine Bré, Eve-Maud Hubeaux, Bénédicte Tauran]

The curved neck of a viola da gamba. The different shades of polished wood of a set of recorders, resting on green velvet underneath a note stand. A thick rattle of castanets.

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White Shirt Monday: Drama Therapy Couch


[Bradamante is exasperated at the level of Relationship Drama ™ (honey, have you seen “The L Word”, this really isn’t that bad): Wallis Giunta (Bradamante), Jacquelyn Wagner (Alcina) and Maria Kataeva (Ruggiero) in Handel’s “Alcina”, Düsseldorf, 2020. – Photo Credit: Jochen Quast for Deutsche Oper am Rhein]

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