Opera’s Eight

So apparently Francesca Ascioti runs her own Early Music band, called Enea Barock Orchestra, and apparently they played a fundraiser to fight violence against women last night (in Rome), called Donne all’Opera, which will be aired in April on both Rai5 and on the YT channel of Enea Barock Orchestra. – featuring: Vivica Genaux, Anna Bonitatibus, Patrizia Ciofi, Francesca Ascioti, Carmela Remigio and Paula Valentina Molinari. – Photo Credit: Enea Barock Orchestra]

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White Skirt Wednesday: Therapy

[Please explain these staging ~choices~ to me in straight terms. On second thought, please do not explain anything to me in straight terms, just be gay and merry, and please carry on. – Antoinette Dennefeld and Jodie Devos in “Offenbach Thérapie” with Orchestre Symphonique de Mulhouse and Marc Minkowski, staged by Romain Gilbert, Mulhouse 2020.]

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Whitsun Salzburg 2019

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Tank Tops and High Tops: the Currentzis “Clemenza” at Musikfest Bremen

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In brief: There was some very good and dedicated music-making to be heard during this “Tito”. Currentzis makes a lot more sense when he is on a podium, working, and not not talking about it (or, God forbid, on a press photo shoot). There were some over-affectuated bits and some unnecessary theatrics (also looking at you, light crew), but it was a good and focused concert, and it offered lots of chances to reflect on the idea of authenticity, art as a space of the sacred, music-making and democracy, and the power of audience attitudes.

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Liveblogging: Rossini’s “Comte Ory” from the MET (2011) on Oct 15th


[In case of doubt: threesome. Diana Damrau (Adèle), Joyce DiDonato (Isolier) and Juan Diego Flórez (Ory) in Rossini’s “Le Comte Ory”, New York/MET 2011]

After last week’s “Semiramide”, the liveblog series continues with another Rossini: the MET’s 2011 pink Bartlett Sher production of “Le Comte Ory”, on Sat, Oct. 15th, at 8.40 p.m.

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Liveblogging: Rossini’s “Semiramide” from Ghent (2011) on Oct 8th


[It seems to be a very Semiramide week,  with Anna Bonitatibus touring with her Assorted Assyrian Queens program and TroSantafé rocking the score and some leather as Arsace in the current run at Maggio Musicale. Add to that Cougar Problems in Mint Green, as staged by Nigel Lowery: Myrtò Papatanasiu (Semiramide) in Rossini’s “Semiramide”, Ghent 2011]

The next liveblog events will be a Rossini double bill, starting this Saturday, Oct. 8th, at 9 p.m. (UTC+2) with “Semiramide” in the 2011 Ghent production featuring Myrtò Papatanasiu in the lead and Ann Hallenberg (and her epic qualities of eyerolling at Assur) as Arsace, and this week, we could probably all use some Hallenberg because Hallenberg singing means restored faith in humanity. Alberto Zedda conducts the Opera Ghent Symphony Orchestra and his take is worth the DVD buy already.

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