Video Alert: “Argippo” at FEMAS Sevilla

[A moment in the livestream last night. – Delphine Galou (Zanaida) and Giuseppina Bridelli (Silvero) in Vivaldi’s “Argippo”, Sevilla 2021]

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White Shirt Monday: Ides of March

[Roman Emperor storytime! Though it’s not Caesar (and, despite the “Sissi” movie uniform, it is not Franz Josef, eiher) – but someone not that far done in the chain and with the same girlfriend. – Delphine Galou (Marc’Antonio) in Hasse’s “Marc’Antonio e Cleopatra”, Ancona 2020]

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White Shirt Monday: Spring Trees Afoot

[The times where one can sit under a spring bloom tree are drawing nearer again! (If everyone involved has been vaccinated and/or tested negative, of course, also as a date format, of course.) – Francesca Apromonte (Almirena) and Delphine Galou (Rinaldo) in Handel’s “Rinaldo”, Cremona 2018. – Teatro Ponchielle Cremona/Promotional Press Coverage]

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Video Alert: Marc Antony – stilettos in Egypt

Streaming tonight, at 8:30 p.m. (in 50 minutes) from Ancona: Hasses‘s „Marc‘Antonio e Cleopatra“ serenade, premiered in Naples in the 1720s with Farinelli as Cleopatra – tonight, with Sophie Rennert as Cleopatra and Delphine Galou as Marc Antony (wearing, I predict, 4-inch heels).

Video Alert: Galou at Bayreuth Baroque

[“La porta del paradiso” (no, really, that is what the program is called, it is none of my usual euphemisms: Delphine Galou singing Vivaldi at Bayreuth Baroque, Sept. 8th, 2020]

BayreuthBaroque is apprently live streaming their nights on Facebook?

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White Shirt Monday: #MezzosForTheApocalypse, 12


[The apocalypse has already started at wallpaper level, but there is still time for another drink: Delphine Galou (Amastre) and Arianna Vendittelli (Serse) in Handel’s “Serse”, Reggio Emilia 2019]

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